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    Game Schedule Update

    We are excited to announce we got approval from the NCSD and we will be transitioning our Junior & Senior Division teams to full regulation size fields starting this fall!  This is something we have been working towards since the end of last season.   This will make the game safer for your kids, it eliminates that hard cutback you get on the narrow fields and reduces the hard side impact hit.  This will also open up the offensive passing game.  More space to throw, more completed passes.  Partnering this with the new passing league should make for an exciting season!

    We would like to thank Mr. Terry Hooker and his staff at the NCSD for working with us and helping achieve this goal!

    Below is the tentative game schedule for the upcoming season.  The locations of the JR/SR games have not been scheduled yet.  We will schedule them early August, once the Junior High Schedule is completed.   Each team will play 1 scrimmage, tentatively 6 games plus playoffs.  Due to lighting availability on the fields, the majority of our games will take place on Saturday Mornings.  Each team will play 1 fill in game during the regular season, the fill in games will be played on Thursday nights.

    The Pee-Wee Division will still play their games on Wednesday evenings at Crossroads park.  Because of the transition to larger fields in our older divisions, we are able to transition our Pee-Wee division to a larger size field as well!  Our Pee-Wee division is currently set to play 1 scrimmage and 5 regular season games.

    Please note this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.

    JR/SR Division Tentative Game Schedule

    Game locations will be set in August and announce ASAP, locations will be set once the NCSD Junior High Schedules are completed

    • Saturday, 8-27-22 - NCSD Junior High Fields - Location TBD - AM Kickoff (Scrimmages)
    • Saturday, 9-3-22 - NCSD Junior High Fields - Location TBD - AM Kickoff (Game 1)
    • Thursday, 9-8-22, NCSD High School Field - Location TBD - PM Kickoff (Fill in Game)
    • Saturday, 9-10-22 - NCSD Junior High Fields - Location TBD - AM Kickoff (Game 2)
    • Thursday, 9-15-22, NCSD High School Field - Location TBD - PM Kickoff (Fill in Game)
    • Saturday, 9-17-22 - NCSD Junior High Fields - Location TBD - AM Kickoff (Game 3)
    • Thursday, 9-22-22, NCSD High School Field - Location TBD - PM Kickoff (Fill in Game)
    • Saturday, 9-24-22 - NCSD Junior High Fields - Location TBD - AM Kickoff (Game 4)
    • Thursday, 9-29-22, NCSD High School Field - Location TBD - PM Kickoff (Fill in Game)
    • Saturday, 10-1-22 - NCSD Junior High Fields - Location TBD - AM Kickoff (Game 5)
    • Monday , 10-3-22 - Sunday,  10-9-22 - Playoffs/Championships

    Pee-Wee Division Tentative Game Schedule

    • Wednesday, 8-24-22 - Crossroads Park - 6 p.m. Kickoff (Scrimmages)
    • Wednesday, 8-31-22 - Crossroads Park - 6 p.m. Kickoff (Game 1)
    • Wednesday, 9-7-22 - Crossroads Park - 6 p.m. Kickoff (Game 2)
    • Wednesday, 9-14-22 - Crossroads Park - 6 p.m. Kickoff (Game 3)
    • Wednesday, 9-21-22 - Crossroads Park - 6 p.m. Kickoff (Game 4)
    • Wednesday, 9-28-22 - Crossroads Park - 6 p.m. Kickoff (Game 5)

    2022 Important information!!

    2022 Tentative Schedule:

    • Registration opens: January 3
    • Registration Closes: August 5
    • Spirit Squad Registration CLOSES July 15 due to uniform order deadlines.
    • Equipment Checkout:  Week of August 8
    • Player Evaluations: Thursday, August 11
      • Subject to change
    •  CJFL Camp: Saturday, August 20, 2022 @ Natrona County - Time TBD in A.M.
    • Regular Season Starts: August 15
    • Playoffs (JR/SR Division):  October 3-October 8
    • Championship: October 9
    • CJFL Select Season: October 10-November 5
      • More information will be handed out at the parents meeting
      • CJFL Select:  NYFC Tournament Nov. 24-26
        • More information will be handed out at the parents meeting

    We will be offering a 5th/6th grade division next year, the Senior Division! 

    This year we added our newest Division, the Senior Division! Our 5th/6th grade division will be structured similar to our Junior Division everyone has experienced in our league. Our practices will be the same format, group practices with our key focus on fundamentals of football and Heads up blocking and tackling! We will be purchasing more practice equipment for this division! Our main goal for this division is to prepare your kids for middle school and high school football!

    One of our biggest differences from our Junior Division is how our teams will be broken down. Our teams will be based on the Junior High School that your kid intends to/or is enrolled in. This will allow your kid to play with the same group of kids they will be with through 8th grade! Possibly on into High School. The number of teams for each Junior High will be based on our registration numbers. Some Junior Highs will have more than one team if numbers allow. Players will be evaluated and split as evenly as possible based on our evaluation numbers!

    We have purchased player evaluation software for the upcoming season! The software also helps in team selection/drafting. This will allow us to get more balanced teams for the kids!

    What does this mean for our spirit squad?  We will be expanding this into 6th grade as well!

    Our pledge to you, will be to bring out practice philosophy, that will help your kid develop the skills they need to grow in the game of football.  We will always teach the newest and safest techniques in tackling to reduce the risk of a head injury!

    We are scheduled to play a full travel season with the CJFL Select teams next year where we will be traveling and playing in tournaments with other leagues!  We are already on board for Gillette, Green River, Riverton and Laramie next year!

    We will be taking a CJFL Select team to compete for a National Championship next season!  The 11/12 year old team will be selected from the CJFL Senior Division!  We will compete against other teams from within the state and finish the season in Las Vegas with a shot at being crowned Champions!

    CJFL War Memorial Pics!

    In 2021 we were able to extend our season!  We formed the CJFL Select team, a competitive travel team, that represented our league around the state playing a travel schedule!  We finished 2-1!  We were able to avenge our only loss and finish the season on a 2 game win streak! 

    Thank you to Relic Services for sponsoring the travel team!  We will be expanding our travel team into next season with the Senior Division and Junior Division!  Check out our Facebook for all the pictures from all the games!

    We are excited to announce we have achieved USA Football's highest level of excellence awarded to leagues that only off Full Contact!

    CJFL City League Championship

    Sponsored by USA Football

    USA Football

    Visit Website

    We follow all USA Football Heads-Up techniques for tackling and blocking.  Parents are free to register there and you will be able to see all of our techniques we teach!

    Casper Junior Football League

    The Casper Junior Football League (CJFL) started in 2013 as a group of parents that wanted to provide an opportunity for children in 3rd and 4th grade (junior division) to play tackle football in Casper, Wyoming.  The following year  (2014) the Casper Junior Football League was officially incorporated into a 501 (c) 3 non-profit entity.   

    In 2018 the CJFL officially added 1st and 2nd grade tackle football, our Pee-Wee division.  Our pee-wee division is 8 man football that follows all the criteria for USA Football's Rookie Tackle program.  We are currently the only league that offers tackle for 1st and 2nd grade in the state!

    In 2018 the CJFL also added our Spirit Squad division!  This spirit squad is for any student in grades 1st -6th!  Our spirit squad cheers at all of our games, the junior division playoffs with a half time show during the championship game!

    In 2021 our Board of Directors voted to start our own 5th/6th grade division!  We are calling this our Senior Division!  We are the only league in the state of Wyoming that offers tackle football for 1st -6th grade!  Our goal is to make Casper the premier tackle football town in Wyoming!

    In 2021, the league also added a competitive travel team, dubbed the CJFL Select that competed in an extended season.  This is a special season made up of players selected by the coaches to compete around the state!  In our first year we finished the season 2-1 with win's over Cheyenne and a rematch win over Gillette!  We took out select team to Laramie where we competed in the Snowy Range Showdown at War Memorial Stadium!  The first time 3rd/4th graders competed in the tournament and played on the legendary Field!

    Today, the league is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of parents as well as individuals that want to see the opportunity to get as many of our local youth involved in athletics as possible!

    All of our coaches are required to register with USA Football and be youth tackle certified and are required to take a background check.


    2022 Team Sponsors

    Thank you to all of our sponsors, both present and past!  Your generous contributions help enhance the lives of all of our young participants!

    If you are interested in sponsoring a team please contact us!

    Sponsored by High Mountain Inspection Service Inc.

    High Mountain Inspection Service Inc.

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Jersey Mikes of Casper

    Jersey Mikes of Casper

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Bush-Wells Sporting Goods

    Bush-Wells Sporting Goods

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Modern Electric

    Modern Electric

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Casper Youth Baseball

    Casper Youth Baseball

    Visit Website

    Casper Youth Baseball has been serving the youth of Casper since 1953. In 2018, CYB chartered into the nationally recognized Little League. The goal of CYB is to offer recreational baseball for Casper's youth so that all have an opportunity to play. Scholarships are available to those in need of assistance with fees. Casper Youth Baseball is for boys and girls ages 4-16.

    Sponsored by Rock-N-Burgers & Dogs

    Rock-N-Burgers & Dogs

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 322

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Local 322

    Visit Website

    Spirit Squad A Sponsor

    Sponsored by Downing USA

    Downing USA

    Visit Website

    Wellhead and Frac Solutions

    Sponsored by Circle B Measurement & Fabrication

    Circle B Measurement & Fabrication

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by 24 Hour Heating & Air

    24 Hour Heating & Air

    Visit Website
    Relic element view

    Relic Services

    CJFL Select - SR Division Team Sponsor

    Sponsored by Native Energy Solutions

    Native Energy Solutions

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Eggington's


    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Sherwin-Williams Paint

    Sherwin-Williams Paint

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Wind City Physical Therapy

    Wind City Physical Therapy

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    Sponsored by Howards Supply

    Howards Supply

    Visit Website
    Sponsored by Compression Leasing Services

    Compression Leasing Services

    Visit Website

    Compressors, Parts and equipment from start to finish.

    Sponsored by Custom Fiberglass

    Custom Fiberglass

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    Sponsored by Driven Powersports & Marine

    Driven Powersports & Marine

    Visit Website
    Shs logo element view

    Scott's Hot Shot

    Fiberglass   moore logo element view

    Fiberglass & Moore LLC

    Spirit Squad B Sponsor

    Sponsored by Wyoming Safety Supply

    Wyoming Safety Supply

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    Wy horse racing logo 2c element view

    Wyoming Horse Racing

    CJFL Select - JR division Team Sponsor

    League Sponsors!

    Sponsored by Black Hills Bentonite

    Black Hills Bentonite

    Visit Website

    2021 CJFL Booster Card Sponsors

    Thank you to all of our booster card sponsors!

    The CJFL booster card was started in 2019 as a way for the league to raise money to purchase new equipment and modern equipment.

    Sponsored by Sportsman Warehouse

    Sportsman Warehouse

    Visit Website

    10% off!! (Some restrictions apply)

    Texas roadhouse element view

    Texas Roadhouse of Casper

    Free cactus blossom or fried pickles with purchase of an entree

    Home stretch bar and grill element view

    Homestretch Bar & Grill

    50% Off 1 Appetizer

    Jersey mikes logo color element view

    Jersey Mikes of Casper

    Buy 1 Sub, Get 1 free (No Extras)

    Wyo gun company element view

    Wyoming Gun Company

    50% off day pass

    Shade tree element view

    The Shade Tree Boutique

    10% off $50.00 or More (excludes local items)

    Sponsored by Artisan Alley

    Artisan Alley

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    15% off painting classes!

    Metro element view

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    Durbin element view

    Durbin Street Golf

    15% Off 1 Hour Simulator

    Nates logo element view

    Nates Flowers

    10% off order (local purchase only)

    Corporate Sponsors

    Thank you to our corporate sponsors for you generous contributions to the CJFL!!

    Sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods

    Dick's Sporting Goods

    Visit Website

    Casper junior football league colored logo

    Casper Junior Football League Spirit Squad

    Casper Junior Football League Spirit Squad

    For any football related questions please email the football division, for spirit squad questions please email the spirit squad division

    Contact Us

    PO Box 326, Mills, Wyoming 82644


    Casper Junior Football League Football Division

    Casper Junior Football League Football Division